About Me


I started practising yoga seriously in the 1980s while working as a journalist on the alternative health magazine, Here’s Health, attracted by yoga’s immediate benefits of calming and clearing the mind. A genetic hip problem kept me from full flexibility but with regular practice I learned how to take control of physical function, make improvements and prevent any deterioration. The process developed into a fascination with the power of yoga which has never left me.
I completed the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre’s intensive teacher training course in 1985 and since then have studied continuously with a variety of teachers in other disciplines, including Ashtanga, Power, Bikram, Forrest and Iyengar Yoga and learned something from them all. In 2017 I trained and gained certification to teach Restorative Yoga.
I have taught at health clubs and one-to-one for over 25 years. My style is eclectic, with the focus on self-observation, precision and alignment. Because of my extensive experience I am able to adapt my teaching to many levels and abilities. I aim to be unpretentious, friendly and encouraging. I am a REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) member and have full insurance cover.



I was commissioned to write three books on yoga (under my former writing name Cheryl Isaacson) – Yoga for all Ages, later reprinted as Yoga Step by Step (Thorsons, 1986), Principles of Yoga (1999), The Way of Yoga (Harper Collins, 2003, now an e-book, 2014), and a book on physical therapies, Body and Soul (as Sara Martin, Penguin, 1989).

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