We have an outstanding teacher, Sara. She gives an inspiring class. She has a deep and thorough knowledge of her discipline, and of the body, and a relaxed, but authoritative teaching style.


I count myself lucky to have been introduced to Yoga by such an excellent caring and articulate instructor as yourself. Thanks to your high professional standards I have gained improved posture and ability.Thank you for your dedicated praiseworthy work.


No yoga class with Sara is ever the exactly the same. She works on specific areas of the body in turn, but the whole body benefits through increased flexibility and strength. However hard the class, by the end one feels more relaxed: pure magic!


I always leave Sara’s class feeling balanced and lighter both physically and spiritually. Sara ensures the poses are performed correctly and her witty banter keeps me smiling.


Since doing Yoga classes with Sara for more than 15 years, I have a much better understanding and stronger connection with the way my body feels, the movement of breath and flow of energy. I have found her classes to be very enjoyable, strong at times, challenging and thanks to Sara, I’ve made Yoga a way of life.


I have been practising yoga since 1980 but your clear instructions have helped me to get into the ‘asanas’ without agony.


I have found your classes really helpful, and for two major reasons. One is it has hugely increased my body awareness: co-ordination, awareness of balance, the limits of my abilities. Leading on from that, I’ve learned about gradually extending the range of what I think I can do, so challenging myself without injury or overstraining myself. I find your teaching very helpful, clear and uncomplicated. You have a clever way of correcting posture in a particular pose which means the next time I do it, I have a body memory of a better way of doing it! You run classes which are welcoming and unthreatening to all levels of ability and fitness.


I have been doing Yoga for 15 years yet every time I come to Sara’s class I learn something new. Her yoga knowledge, her intelligent words and her guidance in class always makes me want to go a bit further each time. A lovely teacher and guru who makes my Yoga practise so worth looking forward to.


I really want to thank you for all the help and encouragement you have given me. I came to your classes after my brush with breast cancer and as a complete novice to Yoga, you helped me get back into fitness, unbelievably that is almost five years ago and I really learnt so much from you. In fact you were such an inspiration and taught by example.